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Seminar Information

By Bill and Pam Malone
Three Different Seminars Available




     Presented by ministers Bill and Pam Malone, Founders of Pray U.S.A.! who for over 18 years have specialized in prayer ministry with most all denominations and ethnic groups in the body of Christ.  Through Pray U.S.A.!'s ministry, your church can be brought to a deeper understanding of prayer as Bill and Pam Malone equip your congregation through Biblical principles shared with their personal experiences and struggles.  Authors of three books, Come To The Waters, How To Make Prayer Exciting and Healing Prayer, the Malone's have developed three seminars to help further encourage God's people to pray.

    Each Pray U.S.A.! seminar can be presented in a ten hour period.  Because these are practical "teaching and doing" seminars, the ideal time line for a seminar is two hours each day over a five day period.  If needed, a seminar can be condensed to a weekend.

     Pray U.S.A.! encourages churches to consider jointly sponsoring a seminar with other churches in the area.


Healing Prayer Seminar

     This popular and intense seminar has been given all over the United States and has brought many to personal freedom.  The biggest problem in the church today is unforgiveness!  This truly hinders God from doing all that He would like to do in our personal and corporate lives.  As wounded individuals (all of us are to some extent!) are given the keys to inner healing, churches are seeing their members becoming full, functioning and flourishing Christians.  Based on our book of the same name and may be purchased in the store on this web site. 

Topics Include:

     - Our Authority In Christ;  Building Our Faith;  Observing God At Work;  The Importance Of Forgiveness;  Pick The Fruit Or Dig The Root;  Removing Barriers;  Ministry To The Demonized;  Ministry To The Physically Sick;  Healing The Heart Of America.


Our Untapped Resource

     This is Pray U.S.A.!'s newest seminar and is a comprehensive course developed to equip individuals in the many styles of a deeper, daily prayer life.  Perfect for new Christians, members who have never been trained in prayer and an excellent refresher course for knowledgeable "prayer warriors".  This course has a sixty page, fill-in-the blanks, workbook.  It is an excellent resource when the course is complete.

Topics Include:

     - Why Pray?;  Barriers To Communication;  What Happened When Women Prayed?;  How Do I Know God Hears Me?;  Does God Recognize That I Pray?;  How Do I Know That God Is Speaking?;  Can I Hear God Speak?; Prayer Changes Us And Prayer Changes Things; Human Nature; Communication; Out Loud; The Results Of Prayer;  etc. 

     This is just a sampling of topics covered.  There are far too many topics to list here.  Please call or e-mail for further information.


How To Make Prayer Exciting Seminar

     Prayer on boats, airplanes and motorcycles!  What kind of prayer lifestyle is this?  An exciting one!  Join Bill and Pam Malone on their journey to discovering new ways to pray with your church, your family and your community.  As this seminar ignites your prayer life, you will find that wherever you go, whatever you do or whomever you're with, you'll find yourself praying!

 Topics Include:

     - Organizing Prayer Events;  City Wide Prayer Meetings;  Involving Pastors In Prayer And Unity;  and much more!


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